collage of worth

hindsight missed values have stocked up a fortress of inability

stocked with vulnerability

all the characteristics facing a mirrored image of trustability

critiquing every state of mind

alone at night

thoughts pacing from the choices

here I am

basking under the masked view of society

I cant breathe because its capturing me

eye contacts got me

comparing all the disgusting parts that I be

skinned from all the past thats left because I flee’d


I have a creation

it only wants to be free

epic embodied the very kept secrets to leave

I might be the most evolved part of me

its layers have fallen off my tree

branches crumbling to find the clearness to see

rubbing my eyes away from each strain falling into my sea

waves battling the ocean

I still believe

in something that will find the breathtaking need

I know what is soul

I know what is safe

I know what can make my breathes regain conciousness

a very suddle understanding

of the pain that has left me here to indulge

in the alcohol

the courageous steps unfolding

to give up

the will to make matter unveil it self from every hoax

I am evaporating into the average

transfer of energy

becoming a moment that was not meant to be

hoping for favor

from everyone around me that I can see

a big red bubble bursting at the make believe

I want to prove all of them wrong

I want to be the butterfly

flying with ease

connections trying to vacat the edges

of the waking eve

sundrops kissing the little leaves

landing for the spaces we forgot to see

crumbs of words

a bad taste in your mouth

acting irratic

to roll off the tongue and hit your heart

violens will be playing and basking from all the truth

the ever after sounds will begin to move

beats stacking on like words coming to a hault

this is a forever blessing

you cant give up in your heart

power is a sure dressing like color to fulfill

what is coming with rain

will leak down your front door

I will burst through any seam and find the right flavor

to mend a very worthy treasure

we can only explore


when i do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. That’s my religion..
(never cut what can be untied, I learned this the hard way.)
Happiness needs sadness. Success needs failure. Benevolence needs evil. Love needs hate. Victory needs defeat. Pleasure needs pain.
You must experience and accept the extremes. Because if the contrast is lost, you lose appreciation; and when you lose appreciation, you lose the value of everything.

trust your beauty 

Feel beautiful….the energy of the mind is the essence of life.

Do something because it feels right, not because it makes sense.

Follow your spiritual impulse. Life happens at the level of events, not of words.

lets learn from each other

curiousity fits mystery, you must earn relationships. the essence of effort is beautiful. communication is the most ideal form of flattery and understanding, dont be easy, be perplex.


((((((If its turned cheap let it go love is too divine to be given to those who do not embrace the most simple of techniques faith.If the body is your temple, keep it safe. If innocence is beauty, where the f did all the beautiful people go?))))))))))


love is a word misused and said too often, its definition has been reshaped and wasted on those who dont believe or are unaware of the true mythology of its nature. like myth love helps us seek a purpose, it is mysterious, and expressive, it is hands on, it is passionate, it is intuitive, and trustworthy, it is fragile, but strong, it is powerful and irrational. but just like myth is seen today, it is used to describe something that is simply not true. dont waste the word love…..its reality has been corrupted. when you cant resist its notion

say it

and mean it,



People inspire you or destroy you, pick them wisely. I can tell toxicity on a first impression. Women are so beautiful, guys usually act like we owe them something. Everyone seems so average and bland, so when I find someone attractive I get excited. I am impulsive as a mf. No one is more privileged then the next. Relationships are typical, singles are too. Numb, hard to flatter but grateful. Ive been used, I have been loved. I took both for granted. For what its worth I graduated from college and bartended. Judge me, I have better social skills than the mass. My intuition is key. SOMETHING VERY INTERESTING IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN, I keep telling myself that. Validation doesn’t mean shit to me, fuck it. SpreadLOVEalways xx even with all the trust issues in the world.

coming home

we never change, do we

we never learn, do we

i am completely empty inside.  The shine existed until I was honest with myself.  Without choice I begin to fall back into the ocean.  Swimming, gasping for air as the waves crush me.  I float on top to enjoy the sun.  My skin needs it.  It is absolutely incredible what is inside of you.  I wanna fly and never come down.

so baked

In love


striking me down

heating me up

making me feel

the wind

the motion

the feeling in my stomach


all white



into my eyes

as I cry

because we never change

do we

anything but easy

so I try

I sparkle myself

I believe

I see

shiny bursting colors coming out of me