collage of worth

hindsight missed values have stocked up a fortress of inability

stocked with vulnerability

all the characteristics facing a mirrored image of trustability

critiquing every state of mind

alone at night

thoughts pacing from the choices

here I am

basking under the masked view of society

I cant breathe because its capturing me

eye contacts got me

comparing all the disgusting parts that I be

skinned from all the past thats left because I flee’d


I have a creation

it only wants to be free

epic embodied the very kept secrets to leave

I might be the most evolved part of me

its layers have fallen off my tree

branches crumbling to find the clearness to see

rubbing my eyes away from each strain falling into my sea

waves battling the ocean

I still believe

in something that will find the breathtaking need

I know what is soul

I know what is safe

I know what can make my breathes regain conciousness

a very suddle understanding

of the pain that has left me here to indulge

in the alcohol

the courageous steps unfolding

to give up

the will to make matter unveil it self from every hoax

I am evaporating into the average

transfer of energy

becoming a moment that was not meant to be

hoping for favor

from everyone around me that I can see

a big red bubble bursting at the make believe

I want to prove all of them wrong

I want to be the butterfly

flying with ease

connections trying to vacat the edges

of the waking eve

sundrops kissing the little leaves

landing for the spaces we forgot to see

crumbs of words

a bad taste in your mouth

acting irratic

to roll off the tongue and hit your heart

violens will be playing and basking from all the truth

the ever after sounds will begin to move

beats stacking on like words coming to a hault

this is a forever blessing

you cant give up in your heart

power is a sure dressing like color to fulfill

what is coming with rain

will leak down your front door

I will burst through any seam and find the right flavor

to mend a very worthy treasure

we can only explore


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