sweet honey meets my lips


fighting the urge to believe



re – meeting all the ones that frequent my heart


with each fulfilling lean I turn to create my own yummy team

independent thrust
I am my own logical love at best

addicted to the sun addicted to the sex addicted to the attention

the beats typing a certain amount of words per minute

its all going to change

every little piece so we tend to cling

like a lost sense

my favorite is mine

each magnificent thought is what re aligned

i get so caught up in the motion

so indulged by the mess

i like to get high

to relieve my stress

when the solitude gets a hold of me

all i do is attach

like a flaw

with a flow

in a frustrating world


like heaven

like haven


but more or less just leaving photo footprints and chills up my spine sleeping in till noon and watching everyone else wither by my side addicts all around me broken lovers trapped in their minds, an un organic kind. tragic ending up to a dotted line.  when you cant understand whats up with the mental and whats indulging about leaving paths of pills

spirits uninhibited an aura that has no life

so whats going to save them.  its not going to be me. whats going to happen when everything just ends up exactly where you let it be.

we have all got a passion

lets all call it peace

everyone has their own niche

tight ass pants curved to my hips.  i am guilty of each time I shared my lips.


i am gone

i wont ever settle i will never be owned i am myself before anyone else’s so forget what never was written in stone

a cool hot wind

a valued blend

lets rush for the sweet nothings and pride our selves on what we let go

spread love to the most almighty

only mindful of how i can be without you showing me what i deserve

i am my greatest passion

lets fulfill how increased one moment can create us to



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